Dental Implants

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What is the definition of a dental implant?
An implant is an artificial root inserted into the bone of the jaw and intended to create a resistant and long-lasting rooting on which the dental surgeon adapts in a second phase a prothetic element (one or several false teeth).


It is only at the […]


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What is a dental implant ?

A dental  implant is an artificial root that has the shape of a screw and is made out of titanium

For whom dental implant are intended ?

Implants are intended for every person missing  one or several teeth.

At what moment can we have teeth on implants?

After the […]

Our Surgery

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Our surgery takes care of you immediately upon yor surgeon’s recommendation for implants.

It is him who will take care of the prothesis  part once your implants are placed and healed.

This medical and technical complementarity with your usual practitioner insures you an optimal follow-up, from your first visit until the control visits which take place in our […]

Gum deseases and treatments

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Parodontal diseases known also under the name of gum  diseases, are considered among the most common infections.

Most of the subjects over the age of 35 years present some tartar and\or average pockets.

In France there is a need of parodontic care for 96,7 % of the population  (simple treatment or complex treatment ) (Ref: M Goldberg-on 1999 INSERM)

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