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What is a dental implant ?

A dental  implant is an artificial root that has the shape of a screw and is made out of titanium

For whom dental implant are intended ?

Implants are intended for every person missing  one or several teeth.

At what moment can we have teeth on implants?

After the implant placement, a healing delay is generally required before the prosthesis is placed by your dentist. In certain situations, teeth can be placed by your dentist that very same day or in the following days.

What is the use of waiting before teeth placement?

This delay (lead time) is necessary for the implant consolidation  in the jaw ( osteointegration ). As the case may be, it varies from 6 weeks to 6 months.

Does it work ? (Is it efficient ?)

Implants are today reliable, their rate of success is included between 95 % and 98 % on long-term basis

Are there any rejections

Rejection cannot happen because it is not an organ transplant. The material used for implants is the titanium which is perfectly tolerated by the body. The most common complications are the following ones: the bone that does not set on the implant, an infection or an overload of the implant.

What happens when it fails?

When an implant does not work out, it is simply replaced by another one.

How does the surgery take place ?

The implant placement is performed, generally, under local anesthetic and in a dentist’s surgery provided with a surgical unit. Implants can be buried or not buried under the gum. When they are buried, a second small intervention will be necessary to remove them.

Does it hurt ?

Consequences are generally simple. Often, the patients do not need to take painkillers after this type of intervention.

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